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How powerful are your leader conversations?

Leaders have a specific communication style - not only do you need to know what that is, you need to understand and adapt to it. For example, is a leader you work with detailed-oriented, wanting specifics or big-picture, tending to glaze over mid-way through your pitch? Approaching them with the wrong communication style - or worse, no communication style in mind - will derail your conversation every time.

Why do communication styles have such a big impact? We tend to communicate to people in a way we like to be communicated to, yet this is a mistake. How we listen and digest information isn’t necessarily (and in many cases, not at all) the same as others do. And, in order for you to be heard, you need to do everything you can to enable others to listen.

At its most basic, helping others listen comes down to a person’s communication style. With Kademy’s communications styles assessment, you’ll investigate your own style and then compare it to that of one (or more) of your leaders. These insights will help you uncover ways to adapt your communications so that leaders can engage with you in powerful conversations for the business.


How powerful are your leader conversations?
Begin self-paced component package.
Begin self-paced component package. Get to the route of what drives powerful leader conversation outcomes and what you can do to get there. Estimated completion time: 10 minutes