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Resource Toolbox

Kademy's Resource Toolbox helps you learn while getting your work done. It includes practical templates, videos, and activities that will help you simplify your next project, build your skill set and contribute to your team's success. Use these resources along with Kademy's coaching, live workshops and on-demand courses to becoming a high-performing communicator.

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Note: This is a Beta version of the Resource Toolbox that we'll be iterating over the coming months in line with member need. We're always eager for feedback, so please use the quick poll at the bottom of this page to tell us what you think, or email


High-impact comms plans directly connect to business priorities and map desired objectives to employees’ current behaviours, feelings and knowledge. 


Comms leaders want their communicators to write creatively and strategically for maximum impact.


Agility is a collection of skills, beliefs and thinking habits aimed at being responsive and nimble with people and processes, opportunities and problems.

Working with Leaders

Learn how to collaborate effectively with your leaders, understand what they want, and engage in conversations with powerful outcomes for your business.

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Explore the essential activities, decisions and insights communicators need to help their organisations build, strengthen and sustain culture.

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Being a strategic communicator

Being a strategic communicator requires adopting a mindset that puts strategy first, tactics second. 

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