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Strategic communications

Being a strategic communicator requires adopting a mindset that puts strategy first, tactics second. A strategy-first mindset requires five shifts in thinking away from a traditional, more tactical approach to communications campaigns.

Being strategic is best considered in the context of your whole portfolio of work. Some projects are more critical to delivering business value than others, so you’ll want to prioritise those projects most in need of your strategic attention.

  • From Tactical to Strategic
    Is your comms team often seen as order takers and deliverers of stuff? Download this new guide to get practical advice on how to help your comms team be more strategic and deliver lasting business value.
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  • Strategy-first communication plan
    This template captures everything you need to put together a great comms campaign. The first sections are where you bring all your knowledge and audience insights together to shape your strategic approach. The second half is where you bring your creativity and subject matter expertise - crafting an engaging campaign that creates outstanding results for the audience(s) and business. The bottom line provides a project timeline for who to capture who needs to do what, when, and how you’ll collaborate with your partners.
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